Monday, November 22, 2010

WTF News- November 19, 2010

Wild Turkey Farms News- November 19, 2010

Where has the year gone? It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week and as I write this Charlie is by my side coaching me on how to sing "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer". We've finally traded 90 degree days for frosty mornings and the true sign that the year is about used up is when next years seed catalogs start appearing in the mailbox. As we prepare to gather with family & friends next week it gets me to thinking about a few of the things that I'll be thankful for come next Thursday;
Domisty- she puts up with a lot from Rosty, Charlie, and occasionally myself
That we're done with turkeys for the year- they are off our payroll & on your tables.
For everyone that has helped make our markets, open houses, farm tours, etc a great success this year.
Everyone that has made this a wonderful year for us. We are really honored that you chose to support us and feed our products to your friends & families.
Bacon. Who wouldn't be thankful for bacon???? Especially when we just picked up a batch this week and will have it at the markets Saturday to make everyone happy. We'll also have our suburban ham slices too.

Davidson Farmer's Market (9am-noon). We're in the Town Hall parking lot as usual so come stock up.

Domisty will be at the Salisbury Farmers Winter Market tomorrow so come find us under the big green tent 10am-noon so come on out and load up. Email your order in by Friday afternoon to make sure you get what you need for Thanksgiving week.

We hope that you'll support some of the chefs & businesses that support us & other local farmers.
Black Mountain Farmers Market- Black Mountain
Chef Charles Catering - Charlotte/ DFM
Hippie Kitchen Bakery- Huntersville / DFM
Know Your Farms Buying Club- Davidson/Charlotte
Customshop Restaurant- Charlotte
Flat Iron Grill- Davidson

Thanks for your support, have a great weekend, and we'll see you at the market.

Lee, Domisty, Rosty, & Charlie
Wild Turkey Farms
China Grove, NC

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wild Turkey Farms- October 29, 2010

Wild Turkey Farms News- Oct 29, 2010

Turkeys Are Sold Out For This Year Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm for our turkeys this year. We set a record (for us anyway) by selling out in just 5 hours. We've been busy contacting everyone we know to help locate turkeys for those that missed out but I'm sorry to report that everyone around the state I know is also out of birds. Hopefully next year will be better.

Farm story of the week- Amado the gypsy.
Amado is our 2400lb black Angus bull, or to be perfectly truthful, partly our bull- we're still making payments on him. The other afternoon about 4pm our neighbor stopped by for a visit. Now for those of you that have been on our email long enough you'll remember him from the the great pig round up a couple months back. Our conversation started as usual:

him- "staying busy?"
me-" plenty busy so far. You?"
him- Not too bad. You missing a _____(fill in the blank w/ bull, pigs, goats, llama, etc)
me- "Guess so since your here. I'll go round em up shortly, thanks for the warning."
him- "Call if you need any help."
me- "thanks"

So this time it appeared that Amado had become smitten with a couple of his cows and thought he'd go visit. The neighbor's bull didn't take quite so kindly to a stranger trying to steal his gals. Lucky for everyone involved we keep a good electric fence between us which means they just paw at the ground, bellow, and snort at each other. Even though he got out, Amado had jumped the fence into another pasture & was still separated from the other bull. After reviewing our fence line & determining that he must have sprouted wings & cleared the fence since there were no holes, I hooked the truck up to the trailer & set off to evaluate the setup at the neighbors house. Did I mention I had Rosty & Charlie in tow & I'd plowed my cell phone into the garden on Sunday so I'm without communication too. After developing a game plan, the boys and I made a couple attempts at driving Amado up to the corral! without any luck because he wouldn't go anywhere that his 25 new girlfriends and their grumpy boyfriend weren't (and just for the record before anyone forwards this to DSS, I didn't actually have the boys in the pasture with the bull- they we're 2 fences over & way out of the way). About dark our neighbor showed up with his tractor & a bale of hay to lead all of the cows up to the corral. He told Rosty & Charlie to come ride with him in his tractor which has features that they've never knew existed such as an enclosed cab, AC, a radio, and Charlie's favorite, a horn- beep beep. Long story short-we got them to the barn in the dark, the lights in the barn didn't work but we still managed to sort through 40 solid black cows & calves in a dark barn to separate Amado out & get him loaded on the trailer for the ride home. I'm happy to report that Amado is safe & sound a home, or at least he was this afternoon. ! ; The boys and I are busy being really good and hoping that Santa Clause will bring us a cab tractor with AC, a radio, and a horn for Christmas. Domisty keeps telling us that it wouldn't fit in his sleigh and besides, the three of us haven't been THAT GOOD this year anyway. Oh well, maybe next year.

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Thanksgiving Turkeys